Do you need to be an architect to create 3D visualizations oriented towards architecture?

kwi 10, 2019 3d rendering

Some say that to create architecture-oriented 3D visualizations and projects, one has to be an architect by profession. It is certainly not true and we will do our best to prove it to you in this article.

It has to be said that architects are the biggest group of people utilizing 3D modeling pieces of software, but it has to be taken into account that they are not the only ones. Other experts operating in the field may take advantage of them as well, including interior designers. You have to keep in mind that such applications are equally efficient in creating exteriors and interiors of houses, offices, and utilitarian places. That is why they are used to provide interested clients with beautiful and meticulously done projects of how the inside of their space may look like after true experts in the field have taken a proper care of it. Thanks to the utilization of AutoCAD and applications alike, it is possible to create realistically looking bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and offices. After seeing them, it is much easier for customers to specify whether such a design is acceptable for them or they want the presented project to be changed and adjusted to their needs and expectations.
A great thing when it comes to 3D visualizations, both for architects and designers, is the fact that they can be changed on the fly and all the required amendments may be introduced in seconds by changing the size, shape, and number of building blocks used to create a particular scene. Providing that a given item is deemed to be out of place or irrelevant, it can be deleted with a single click of the mouse. The same goes for introducing new items of furniture, decorative elements, and other stuff to the already finished creation. That is why 3D visualizations are considered by experts to be remarkably better than their 2D alternatives and traditional sketches or drawings that may be confusing to clients who are not acquainted with nuances of such projects.
The only issue that has to be faced by both architects and interior designers is the price of professional pieces to software to make their creations in. Of course, there are some freeware alternatives available, but it has to be stated at this point that they are not fit for commercial use, for they have largely limited functionalities and should be used by hobbyists rather than by true professionals operating in a given field. However, one has to keep in mind that after purchasing a license, mastering the software, and making several successful projects the cost incurred will pay themselves back in no time.
We hope that we have clearly shown that expert CAD tools do not need to be used by architects only. They will surely be of use to interior designers as well, especially thanks to their versatility, user-friendliness, and great optimization. After covering the initial costs, it will be not a problem at all to generate a remarkable revenue by taking advantage of such pieces of software, as it has been proved by many companies operating in the market – both in the country and abroad!

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